We have chosen to obtain a yield per hectare that is purposely inferior to that established by the DOC regulations. This has been achieved by strenuously reducing the number of bunches of grapes by short pruning the vines and manual trimming.
To exploit the land’s natural inclination and to respect its generosity and the meticulous art of the vinedresser, we cultivate only native grape varieties in full production freedom. The end result is harmonious, perfectly balanced sensorial and organoleptic.

A close attachment to our land and to its wise, peasant roots.
This is what we are: a blend of tradition and innovation projected towards the future that we cultivate lovingly and devotedly.
The “Tenuta Bosco Albano” is a young winemaking business that has a well-established, three-generation strong experience.
The guiding thread consists in the 45 hectares of DOC vineyards in the riverbed of the “Grave del Friuli” in “Pasiano di Pordenone”; the passion and culture of good wine are exalted by the excellent wines produced here.
To savour and meditate: this is how we wish to interpret the wines of the “Tenuta Bosco Albano” lovingly stored in the silent stillness of the wine cellar. The Village and the countryside form the perfect backdrop for those who appreciate wine, its conviviality and its culture.
Here, drinking good wine means being aware of the quality of each single glass of wine and describes the authentic passion and the know-how of the vine-dresser. After all, we like to say of ourselves that we do not consider wine-making as a mere job but as an art form and that ours is a wine that stirs up emotions and offers the possibility of enjoying authentic sensorial experiences.

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