Tenuta Bosco Albano


We follow the whole production process, from the vine to the bottle, fully respecting the oenological standards with no need for artificial alteration. Due to the fact that we use only our grapes to make our wine, we make the most of its quality during the transformation process and leave the delicate task of cherishing, developing and aging our wines to the wine cellar. It is here that, after having processed the prized “Pinot nero” grapes, the wine ferments in steel tanks and is then aged in the aromatic wood of “d’Allier” oak barrels.
Patiently waiting from the right moment, the “cuvee” (blend) is gradually prepared, the “pris de mousse” (transformation of wine into sparkling wine) occurs in the bottle and the “remuage” (removal of the lees) is still done by hand on our farm by rotating each bottle on its “pupitres” (stand), while the right time for the “dégorgement” (disgorging) can only be determined by experience.
The excellence of our “Pinot del Bosco” derives precisely from the loving care taken over every single step.
On the other hand, some wines are refined both in steel tanks and in “barriques” casks to set off their scents and bouquets and to offer the palate a superlative wine tasting experience.