Prosecco Millesimato Brut

  • Denomination: Prosecco Doc Brut
  • Production area: Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Soil: calcareous origin, clayey with skeleton.
  • System of breeding: Sylvoz
  • Density: 4000 plants per Hectare
  • Alcohol: 11,50% vol.
  • PH: 3,15
  • Sugar: 12 g/l
  • Yield per hectare: 180 q/ha
  • Variety: 100% Glera
  • Harvesting: beginning of September
  • Vinification: the system of breeding and the density of the plant lead to a yield of not more than 110 quintals per hectare. The base wine placed in an autoclave for the taking of foam is fermented with the help of selected yeasts at a temperature of 14 ° -16 ° degrees for 18-20 days. Once the first desired pressure (2.5 bar) has been reached, the tank is cooled to stop fermentation and promote stabilization. Subsequently the sparkling wine is kept at a controlled temperature of 8 ° -10 ° C at least for one month. At the end of this phase filtration and isobaric bottling are proceeded.
  • Sensorial characteristic: With its pale strawyellow color and greenish reflections, it has a pleasantly fruity aroma reminiscent of the Renetta apple and the unripe pear. The taste is soft and harmonious with a fine and light perlage that envelops the palate giving fascinating taste sensations.

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