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Via Bosco di Cecchini 27/b 33087 Pasiano di Pordenone (PN) - Italia

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United by the same vision, we at Bosco Albano have travelled through time with stories that are different yet all connected.


Our history

From past to present, a multitude of stories.

The Bosco Albano connection to the property on which it stands is deeply rooted in the love of the land, of the home and the love for a father: Albano who brought up Tarcisio and Luigi, the founders of the company. Their fondest memories are tied to the fields, the small vineyard and the farmhouse in Pasiano di Pordenone, treasures to be cherished at all costs.

The bond with this place inspired them to buy back the estate, previously sold by their father, in the 1990s. They extended the property, acquiring adjacent lands in order to continue the dream of Albano, their father. To him, they dedicate the name of the estate and the place where beech, poplar and oak woods once stood: a way of reviving the memory, passion and legacy of their family.


Our family

Bosco Albano  is a family story.

It all starts with a family and an unconditional love of the territory. It was with this passion that Albano, the father of the founders Tarcisio and Luigi, managed to see the entrepreneurial challenge beyond a simple plot of land.

Nowadays, Bosco Albano produces wines with the utmost care and attention to detail, to make them the authentic expression of a genuine land.


Our experts

The quest for authentic quality.

“Creating emotions is our way of telling the story of wine and our land, of expressing its unique and sincere character.”

We are situated in the Veneto and Friuli regions, in a borderland that reflects the coming together of peoples and cultures. Bosco Albano aims to occupy this borderland with a contemporary, direct and sincere style, like our wines.

“Bosco Albano is located in an isolated place in harmony with the surrounding environment, essential characteristics for a perfect winemaking story.”

We have chosen to enhance the natural vocation of the land, fully respecting sustainability and tradition in order to achieve completely autonomous production.